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Over 25 years of proven design & management of business network infrastructure.
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24x7x365 professional experienced technical assistance tailored to meet your business size and needs.
To Cloud Or Not To Cloud
When is cloud computing and managed services the right fit for my budget and business?
What Our Clients Say
``Platinum ITS - A Perfect 10! - Our previous so-called expert IT vendor completely overcharged us for projects, support, software and hardware. They installed systems and equipment typically scaled for large enterprise companies with thousands of employees. They could not resolve day to day simple network issues and allowed our systems to continually crash and fail. Due to their high employee turn over, a different unprofessional, inexperienced support tech came to our office almost every week, charged to us at exorbitant rates. Our company has just fewer then 100 employees and cannot afford enterprise systems more typically tailored for huge companies or waste money on consultants that cant perform their duties. Platinum ITS came in and reduced our IT costs by a factor of ten, providing the right sized, cost effective solution for our medium size business. Platinum ITS is also ten times more responsive then our previous IT company, always responding to our requests in a timely fashion, even off hours and on weekends. Platinum ITS is ten times more effective at solving our IT issues and completing IT projects at our offices. And with their friendly, professional attitude and helpful insight, they are infinitely better to deal with. For all these reasons, we give Platinum ITS a perfect 10 as our IT vendor! Thank you so much Platinum ITS! ``