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August 12, 2018  - 802.11 AX WIFI Coming in 2019
Intel announced this week that it’ll have chips ready within the year for the next generation of Wi-Fi — what’s known as 802.11ax. This new generation is supposed to be faster, of course, but mostly it’s meant to perform better in environments with lots and lots of connected devices; so things like public hotspots, but also your house if you just have a ton of phones and tablets and smart gadgets lying around. But even ..
November 12, 2017  - Windows 10
After careful testing and study, Platinum ITS has certified that Microsoft Windows 10 is ready for deployment for all its clients. The stability of the operating system combined with its memory and processor usage is excellent. Windows 10 boasts a new graphical interface and superior application handling. Please call Platinum ITS today to explore your upgrade path or Windows 10 deployment options.
February 04, 2017  - Ransomware
Ransomware is attacking businesses in ever increasing force. Platinum ITS is delivering solutions that block malicious attackers on the firewall, server and client PC level. These solutions prevent your business from being hijacked causing loss of business and increasing downtime. While the technology to prevent ransomware is often sound, the vulnerability often lies in the human factor. Platinum ITS helps clients to be ever vigilant and responsible using their computers and internet. Using a comprehensive ..